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Welcome to Wifi Exploit; here you will learn potential ways on how to “Hack Wifi” networks by using tools available for free online. This tool has been worked on for over a year and we are offering a free version. A Wifi hack would usually be performed if a person has forgotten their wifi password, or is around a friends house, and it is a struggle to get hold of the password.


How It Works – Wifi Hack

In order to Hack Wifi, we must find an exploit in its system. Usually people do not change their default router login details, and by using Wifi Exploits software, you are able to find the default router password which is associated with its name. But the software goes one step further; it macros into the routers back end and then retrieves the Wifi password for you, which is then displayed onto the screen.

Here is an image of the application processing an SSID  (which can be seen in the tutorial):

Wifi Hack


What Operating Systems Does This Work On?

This works on the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android


Unfortunately there is not an IOS or Mac OSx version available for this Wifi hack.


Is This Wifi Hack Illegal?

It depends how you use it. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You MUST, I repeat, MUST have consent of the owner of the router you are going to use this tool on, we are not responsible for how you use it. If you use this on someone who does not consent, and they report you, your on your own bud. Even though it is exploiting, others may still see it as an illegal Wifi hack, so beware.

The purpose of this tool is to help those get a Wifi password if they lost the default one of their own router. – Or ideally at a party where the owner would not mind if you can obtain their password to use the internet. Usually situations like that.

The software encrypts the routers default password, so that will never be displayed to the user for security purposes, it will only display the password to access the internet.

The content taught on this site is all legal, as it is to be taught for security purposes only. The information shared is shared by various network experts who have been in the field for over 10 years.



Why Would I Use This To Hack Wifi?

As previously mentioned, it would be ideal to use this in a situation where you have lost your wifi password, or you are at a friends house and they cannot find their wifi password, or it is usually a hastle trying to go to and look behind the router, which may perhaps be tucked away or on a shelf plugged in (common scenario).

Now, to answer the question, this application does not let the front end user see the router admin details, that is encrypted via SHA-256 to stop major security issues. Instead the user just see’s the Wifi password.

There are other alternatives available which are also free, such as:


Please give us your Feedback below!

  • myseko89
    It took 5 minutes to retrieve the password at my friends house. It worked on my android!
    23 July 2016
  • halp!!
    pls help me. I got the files and it works on windows, but I cannot find the file for ios, I only see linux, windows and android. pls help!!!
    23 July 2016
  • kali
    this is just as smooth as aircrack on kali, if not better! I didnt think it would be that easy. Thanks +1 +1 +1 :D
    23 July 2016
  • 10/10
    worked on my phone :) ty
    23 July 2016
  • bill
    this is bill. bill used this to hack wifi. bill is happy.
    23 July 2016
  • Chris
    thanks, it works on windows 10 :)
    23 July 2016
  • anon
    didnt know the windows version would be so smooth. fantastic.
    23 July 2016
  • isacc
    The time was quite fast compared to usual bruteforcers, but I guess this uses a different technique to obtain the password. 10/10 for speed, as for compatibility, this may not work for a few people. but It should work for most.
    23 July 2016
  • lix
    Fantastic on ubuntu, my new preference over ac !
    23 July 2016
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